Konsultoiva Evolver-kissa


Evolver provides consulting as part of systems development projects and on its own. We have completed numerous consultations related to quality, efficiency, business opportunities, and technologies.

 Our way of doing things emphasises face-to-face meetings, discussion and critical thinking skills, and concrete outcomes. Bringing in an outside consultant is a way of adding objectivity and critical examination and getting support for decision-making. Our consulting projects typically last a few weeks. We start by getting to know the client and planning the consulting objectives together. Next we collect the necessary materials.

Our material collection methods depend on the consulting project. Typical methods include workshops, personnel interviews, and analysis of source code, documentation, and runtime environment configurations. The results are typically a report and proposed solutions, which are reviewed together with the client.

 The project is managed by an experienced consultant, assisted by a diverse team of specialists. Evolver consultants are well versed in solving business-related, organisational, and technical problems. We are equally comfortable going deep into technical details and strategic matters.

Our past consulting projects have included:

  • Preparatory studies and architecture consulting for various clients, involving both broad and strategic projects. Some projects have included business model development.
  • Solution comparisons comparing different products and solutions.
  • Analysis of current supplier efficiency, quality and solutions, as well as practices of other suppliers, including in situations where the suppliers have very different operating environments and cultures.

 We have completed consulting projects in the fields of logistics, transport, financing, retail, and health technology, among others.

We’d be happy to tell you more about our consulting services and how we can assist your organisation with technology and systems development.