The best find their way to the best

This page describes the things we value here at Evolver. If you care about the same things, you might be a good fit for our team. Currently we do not have English-speaking roles available. Take a look at open jobs in Finnish and get in touch with Jenni, so we can talk more.

Ambition and a desire to move the world forward

We want to get results that will make us proud years from now. Our team is sharp, with years of experience and a persistent and pragmatic problem-solving attitude, which enables us to tackle even the most demanding projects. We want to take broad responsibility for the development of our clients’ business. We go deep into the details, but never forget our can-do attitude.

Supporting growth

We think it is important that everyone finds the right role. We also want everyone to find paths of professional growth. Power and responsibility are there for the taking. Even though we absolutely love solving problems that require brainpower and expect everyone to do their job well, we do not want anyone to get stuck or be alone with their challenges. We value an atmosphere where anyone can bring up an issue and be heard.

An open working community

With us, you can feel comfortable just the way you are. We have each other’s backs and celebrate each other’s achievements. Feedback with thanks and suggestions for improvement never flow only from the top to the bottom, but horizontally from colleague to colleague, regardless of job title. We never pick on each other, but work every day to build a community where everyone feels at home. As our customers say: we’re nice and easy to work with. This makes us proud.

A nice place to work

Employee turnover at Evolver is low, which shows that people like it here. Our eNPS score, measuring employee ratings of the company, is 92. We work in low-hierarchy teams, at the office or remotely based on personal preference. We encourage junior colleagues to come into the office so that we can support them better. And getting things done is not going to be hampered by tools: whatever you need you can get.

In addition to standard occupational health, mobile phone, and lunch benefits, we offer our employees the following:

Commuting benefit

Bicycle benefit

Auntie well-being service

Massage, osteopathy

Sick child home care

Travel and accident insurance

We also like to do things together in our free time, in case you are interested in Minecraft, Counter Strike 2, or football. 

Open positions

Currently we do not have English-speaking roles available. See page in Finnish.

Our recruitment process

Our recruitment process usually takes 2 to 3 weeks, and is facilitated by our Recruitment Manager Jenni. Depending on the role, after an initial discussion, we might like to get to know you better with a personal interview and paired programming. For our more technical roles, we would also like you to complete a 2-hour coding assignment to be done on your own time.  

We think that a good recruitment process involves giving and receiving by both sides. We want to get to know you, and, instead of grilling you, we try to have conversations where we come to understand each other better.

 Together with the job offer, we will also provide you with a 12-month starter plan, which is a customised outline of what your job at Evolver might involve over your first year. That is, we make a concrete plan of the work tasks and skills development trajectory that we think would fit you well.