Evolverin jatkuvuuspalvelut

Continuous development

Our continuity services are more diverse than the run-of-the-mill continuity services. Continuity services are often understood as high system availability and tech support, where an on-call technician reacts to reported issues by restarting components or performing other simple, predetermined procedures. We do all this, but we also take a broader view of continuity services.


The positive cycle of taking responsibility

 We offer developer-level maintenance and troubleshooting for the applications we maintain, where developers resolve production issues together with Evolver management if necessary. Software developers are better positioned than technical support personnel to investigate problems, and they often understand the application field so deeply that they can use their own tools and monitors to find the real causes of problems, even when they receive incomplete or even misleading reports. As a result, we are able to handle even the most complex multi-party problems and assist third parties with their error investigations and solutions. We are by our clients’ side until the problem is solved and never try to shift responsibility elsewhere.

In our view, involving developers in production operations is what DevOps is all about. Developers have a clear responsibility for production and thus have production requirements clearly in mind when developing applications. Such a model creates a positive cycle: production problems are fixed at the architecture stage, and production experiences are considered in the development of subsequent applications. Software developers also do not like fixing the same problem multiple times, but would rather solve it in a lasting way, making maintenance much smoother.


One team

 Each application has a dedicated development team for the duration of the application lifespan, and maintenance is not passed on to a separate organisation. The benefits of application solutions often materialise over time, but needs almost invariably change and develop as well. On the other hand, modifying systems may be more difficult in the mid to late stages of the lifecycle than in the initial stage. Our team maintains application architecture and keeps open the possibility of development, and we are able to carry out even the most demanding changes throughout the application lifespan.

In our architecture choices, we prefer solutions that are easy to maintain and modify, as well as efficient to develop. We do not go for technologies without proven production histories or whose lifespans may not be enough for the application. We also emphasise data security in our solutions.


Client benefits

 Clients benefit from our holistic approach that allows us to meet various needs quickly and flexibly. For data administration, we are a dependable and solution-focused supplier that follows agreed-upon models and data administration best practices without losing our agility.