Systems development

Evolver focuses on systems development not just at the project level, but in terms of continuous development. We take responsibility for achieving successful outcomes and meeting targets. We provide comprehensive support for our solutions throughout the application lifespan.

We make a point to work together with the client and get to know the client’s business. We strive to meet all business targets, and we choose the technologies required to make it happen. We design our solutions to be able to meet the changing needs of businesses even in the long term.


We implement projects that are followed by ordinary maintenance as well as projects that lead into continuous development. Applications and architecture are modified to meet changing needs. Application solutions often bear fruit over time, but achieving the best value for investment also requires refining and modifying the solution. Further development is usually led and implemented by the same team that provided the original solution, providing clients with the flexibility to respond to future needs.


Our projects and further development are carried out by teams of two to ten people, allowing us to provide comprehensive continuity services, and also around-the-clock support services for critical projects as needed. We work together seamlessly with other suppliers, client in-house developers, and other stakeholders.

We excel at building user-friendly solutions, even with challenging and scattered background systems. We are also used to solving challenging technical and operational problems and working with diverse parties in an international environment.

Our go-to implementation technologies include Java, React and Node.js, AWS and Azure cloud platforms with off-the-shelf solutions, and OpenAI. We are also well versed in performance optimisation.


Our team combines thorough and painstaking investigation of problems and competent efficiency, with which we tackle even the hardest problems and most challenging projects. We are very results- and production-oriented. We build our solutions to be easy to bring into use, operate, track, and develop further. With us, systems development and continuity services are seamlessly connected, and our solutions are ready to withstand all future challenges.

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